Call for membership in the Universal Sceience and Research Center


By joining USRC you become part of the largest, dynamically developing community of experts and practitioners of scientific and educational conferences and higher education system in the caucasus and European region.





Dear Professors

Dear Students

The mission of the UNIVERSAL SCIENCE AND RESEARCH CENTER is to expand boundaries and educate a person, which will support the development of a healthy, human and democratic society through professional activities or scientific achievements based on the hard work and honesty, for the goodwill of the government and humankind in general. And the vision of the USRC:

  • Become and maintain the status of the biggest and most demanded private RESEARCH CENTER in the region.

  • Become the most innovative RESEARCH CENTERş

  • A Higher education center, a research institution and a business organization.

  • Make a significant contribution to the Caucasus region and beyond its borders to socio-economic development.

Internationalization Strategy

USRC develops, maintains and strengthens key international relationships that will enhance and enable its ability to perform as a globally competitive Academy.

The main goal of the Office of International Students and International Relations at the USRC is to support the internalization of the RESEARCH CENTER.

For this purpose, the research center invites dear intellectuals to join the USRC.

By joining USRC you become part of the largest, dynamically developing community of experts and practitioners of scientific and educational conferences and higher education system in the caucasus and European region.

The USRC Institutional membership consists of over 100 member organisations. These members include universities, national associations, professional bodies, international networks, research institutions and companies.

The USRC NAP – Network of Academics and Professionals is a dedicated professional community consisting solely of USRC members.

USRC’s membership is represented in the community of the NAP – Network of Academics and Professionals. Whether you are an individual member or nominated by your USRC member institution, you have access to the following services:

Invite a Colleague

Some of your colleagues in the same institution may be interested in becoming an USRC member. Member institutions may delegate up to 10 people within their own membership package without extra charge. Tell your colleagues of this opportunity! Via our “Easy Joining” procedure it has never been so effortless to be part of the USRC family.

Young and Free

It has been a priority for USRC to welcome and involve young researchers or practitioners in USRC activities to promote development and support young individuals. Students (undergraduate and graduate) enjoy free membership and receive student discounts at our events. Invite your students or fellow students to be our member today.

Spread Your News

Are you searching for project partners? Would you like to invite USRC peers to your event? Do you think your latest research findings are of interest to the European community? USRC members can publish news in the USRC website after sharing it within the NAP Members’ Area themselves. Make sure to send your news to the Secretariat by the 5th day of the month to be included!

Meet and Greet

Use your membership benefits to participate in our events with a reduced price. usrc members enjoy a reduced participation fee for all usrc events, including the upcoming annual usrc Conferences and biannual Research Workshops.

Your European Projects – Our Support

Since the very beginning, USRC supports its Members by its project involvement solely based on invitation by USRC member organisations. You may benefit from USRC’s well-developed services in supporting project implementation, dissemination, networking, communication, valorisation, and evaluation. See the latest news from running projects and read project newsletters in the NAP Members’ Area.

Further services and benefits of membership include:

  • Belonging to the largest, respected and active professional community

  • Access to USRC’s database of institutional and individual members and partners

  • Free access to electronic versions of USRC conferences proceedings

  • Use USRC logo as reference on websites, blogs, electronic correspondence

  • Purchase USRC publications at a 50% discount

  • Membership in the Scientific Committee of the USRC & GIAS Conferences

How to access the members’ services?

Please contact the USRC Secretariat with any questions or for information regarding membership services.

Documents required for membership:

  • English version of CV

  • Picture of the last degree

  • Passport picture

  • Personal photo

  • Payment of annual membership fee(The membership fee will be announced after reviewing the documents)


*Please send the documents to the USRC secretariat email


Contact us:

Address: No 215,Bashir Safaroghlu st,Bulbul Ave


Azerbaijan: +994 51 577 2760

Georgia: +995 555 469 191 / +995 597 140 300

Iran: +98 936 2040647 / +98 912 2040 617


Whatsapp: +98 936 2040647 / +98 912 2040 617