Admission Process and Requirements:

USRC welcomes applications from all qualified students regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, handicap, political or cultural background.

Admission is a selective process and meeting the minimum standards will not necessarily guarantee acceptance.

The admission process depends upon a student's educational background.

A graduate of an accredited secondary school will be considered as pre-freshman.

Applicants must select their school and select even their major in some schools at the time they fill out Application Form for admission.

Thus, Freshman students should be enrolled in a specific school of University.

At the same time, if a student is not certain of his/her field of study, he/she may apply for changing the school or the major.

Changing student's School or major requires the approval of the School or Department student wants to attend.

Applications for admission are generally accepted for any of the Fall and Spring semesters at the end of the previous semester, although some schools or departments may limit the admission only to the Fall semester.

Usually, unless otherwise specified, application deadlines are September 10 for the Fall semester and February 10 for the Spring semester.

There are no final deadlines (unless specified in a particular subject session) to apply for the graduate study.

Generally, admission to advance degree program is effective at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters.

An applicant should provide full documentary evidence of the courses he/she has taken for the previous degree with marks or grades.

All applicants are required to:

  • complete and submit the official Khazar Application Form together with a non-refundable application fee

  • enclose a copy of their previous diplomas, transcripts and test scores

  • submit state entrance examination score regardless of their previous class rank (applies to Azerbaijani citizens only)

In some cases applicants can be asked to complete a special Department or School application form.

For details of admission of international students, please contact the International Students and Scholars Center.

It is essential that applicants, whose native language is not English should have obtained a sufficient competence in English.

Pre-freshmen and candidates for graduate degree program with English difficulties must take special non-credit English course.

The university draws students from all over Azerbaijan and all over the world.

Starting from this year, the university welcomes IB students on the basis of successful completion of the IB diploma.

The admission process depends on the educational background of the students.

The students with the highest scores are admitted without any condition, but other students will be accepted after a short interview.